Education packs


We have assembled loan boxes that contextualise aspects of the Here in the Past project and provide opportunities to explore our city's past from different perspectives.

There are currently three of these and each is available free of charge, see the images below.

If you'd like to make use of one, do please contact us:


1. A focus on homelessness

This explores the history of homelessness, from the workhouse to the beginning of the provision of homeless services and includes educational documents made collaboratively with Brighton Housing Trust. 

Photo showing the 'Rules and Regulations of the Workhouse', together with other images relating to life in the workhouse
Some of the items in the loan box relating to homelessness, from the workhouse to modern times


2. For the visually impaired

Our tactile loan box includes physical objects made from a variety of materials that display different textures and surface finishes. These aim to describe the changes through time of the processes used to make the fixtures and fittings to be found in the domestic interiors of the buildings in our city.

Photo showing a variety of objects, including wooden mouldings, a metal hinges, building plans and other ephemera
The tactile loan box includes a items made from metal, wood, wax and other materials


3. For young students

This box includes amongst its bounty, references to early education and images of the schoolhouse, an inventory of burial records that amply demonstrate the many perils of earlier times and, on a lighter note, a contemporary urban discovery trail. 

Photo showing table of burial records, a themed town walk and an old photo of schoolchildren
The student loan box looks at school days in the old days and has a discovery trail through Brighton today