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The Here in the Past website contains literally millions of pieces of information about the people who have lived in Brighton & Hove.

Much of this data can be searched and filtered live online via the Population data search page. If you prefer to search the information offline, or you would like to access the data we have digitised but not yet loaded to the data search system, it can be downloaded as data tables in Excel format from the list below.

Burial records

The provenance of our burial record data and the Open Licence and Common Contract relating to the use of this data can be viewed by clicking on the link: Open Licence

Burial record 1813-1846
22,284 lines of records, 2.3MB Excel file

Census returns

The provenance of our census return data and the Open Licence and Common Contract relating to the use of this data can be viewed by clicking on the link: Open Licence

Census return 1841, 1851
16,374 lines of records, 9.3MB Excel file

Census return 1861, 1871, 1881
31,221 lines of records, 7.6MB Excel file

Census return 1891, 1901, 1911
26,220 lines of records, 6.5MB Excel file

Electoral registers

The provenance of our electoral register data and the Open Licence and Common Contract relating to the use of this data can be viewed by clicking on the link: Open Licence

Electoral register 1855, 1865, 1876, 1886, 1896, 1906, 1915
98,111 lines of records, 6.2 MB Excel file

Electoral register 1921, surnames A-L
92,560 lines of records, 6.3 MB Excel file

Electoral register 1921, surnames M-Z
70,627 lines of records, 4.8 MB Excel file

In addition to the Electoral Registers offered above in cleaned format, raw data for all electoral registers between 1855 and 1931 can be downloaded from the list of links below, either as raw text files or tabulated Excel files.

All downloads below are all less than 10MB in size.

The combined data contained within these files is estimated to be in excess of 2 million lines.

1859.txt, 1859.xlsx

1862.txt, 1862.xlsx
1863.txt, 1863.xlsx
1864.txt, 1864.xlsx

1865.txt, 1865.xlsx
1866.txt, 1866.xlsx
1867: no electoral register produced due to passage of 2nd Reform Act
1868.txt, 1868.xlsx
1869: no electoral register produced as an autumn register produced during 1868, see above.

1870.txt, 1870.xlsx
1871.txt, 1871.xlsx
1872.txt, 1872.xlsx
1873.txt, 1873.xlsx
1874.txt, 1874.xlsx

1875.txt, 1875.xlsx
1876.txt, 1876.xlsx
1877.txt, 1877.xlsx
1878.txt, 1878.xlsx
1879.txt, 1879.xlsx

1880.txt, 1880.xlsx
1881.txt, 1881.xlsx
1882.txt, 1882.xlsx
1883.txt, 1883.xlsx

1889.txt, 1889.xlsx


1897.txt, 1897.xlsx
1898.txt, 1898.xlsx

1900.txt, 1900.xlsx
1901.txt, 1901.xlsx
1902.txt, 1902.xlsx
1903.txt, 1903.xlsx
1904.txt, 1904.xlsx

1905.txt, 1905.xlsx
1906.txt, 1906.xlsx
1907.txt, 1907.xlsx
1908.txt, 1908.xlsx
1909.txt, 1909.xlsx

1910: no electoral register produced (enter reason here).
1911.txt, 1911.xlsx
1912.txt, 1912.xlsx
1913.txt, 1913. xlsx
1914: no electoral register produced, WW1

1915.txt, 1915.xlsx
1916: no electoral register produced, WW1
1917: no electoral register produced, WW1
1918.txt, 1918.xlsx

1919_pt1.txt, 1919_pt1.xlsx
1919_pt2.txt, 1919_pt2.xlsx
1920.txt, 1920.xlsx
1921_spring.txt, 1921_spring.xlsx
1921_autumn.txt, 1921_autumn.xlsx

1922_spring.txt, 1921_spring.xlsx
1922_autumn.txt, 1922_autumn.xlsx
1923.txt, 1923.xlsx
1924_spring.txt, 1924_spring.xlsx

1925_spring.txt, 1925_spring.xlsx
1925_autumn.txt, 1925_autumn.xlsx
1926_spring.txt, 1926_spring.xlsx
1926_autumn.txt, 1926_autumn.xlsx

1927.txt, 1927.xlsx
1928.txt, 1928.xlsx
1929.txt, 1929.xlsx
1930.txt, 1930.xlsx
1931.txt, 1931.xlsx

Street directories

The provenance of our street directory data and the Open Licence and Common Contract relating to the use of this data can be viewed by clicking on the link: Open Licence

Street directory 1822-1900
40,772 lines of records, 3.9 Excel MB file

Street directory 1901-1930
50,551 lines of records, 4.8 Excel MB file

Street directory 1931-1974
39,780 lines of records, 3.7Excel MB file

Note: the streets so far transcribed from directories and searchable on this website are listed below.

Blenheim Place, Bread Street
Chapel Mews, Charles Street, Cheltenham Place, Church Street, Clarendon Place, College Street, Cross Street (Hove), Crown Street
Dean Street, Dorset Gardens
Foundry Street, Frederick Gardens, Frederick Place, Frederick Street
George Street, Gloucester Lane, Gloucester Road
Hove Villas
Jubilee Street
Kemp Street, Kensington Place, Kensington Street
Little Western Street, Lower Market Street
North Place, North Road
Over Street
Pelham Square, Pelham Terrace, Port Hall Street
Queens Gardens,
Robert Street, Rock Street
Spring Gardens, St Georges Mews, Stone Street, Sydney Street
Tichborne Street, Tidy Street, Trafalgar Lane, Trafalgar Terrace
Upper Gardner Street, Upper Market Street
Ventnor Villas, Vine Street
Waterloo Street, Western Street

For information about the City's other streets, see the Directory page graphics at www.mhms.org.uk.  There is a total of some 2 million lines of additional data within these image files.

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